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Americano Creek - Marin/Sonoma County Line

The Americano Creek starts out as a swampy area paralleling Roblar Road just east of the insertion of Canfield Rd. It turns into a fairly brisk winter and spring time creek within a mile downstream. The Creek meanders its way out to the Americano Estuary, an area with Federal protection. The Creek mostly dries up in the summer and fall.

Near its origin the creek passes by a closed landfill site on Roblar Road. It also passes by a proposed Quarry site. Our citizen monitors are particularly concerned about how the proposed quarry blasting could affect the dumpsite and allow leakage of toxins into the headwaters of the Americano Creek and down into the Estuary. The project's orientation and initial sampling dates are 2/2/2006 at AMR090.

A citizens group called Sonoma County Citizens for Responsible Land Use is concerned with issues on Americano Creek and the proposed quarry on Roblar Road. For information about Citizens agains the Roblar Road Quarry, click here.



Citizen Monitors: Sue Buxton and Jhara Snow

The monitoring program is intended to develop baseline characterization data, document water and habitat quality changes over time and to help establish a scientific basis for land use decisions. Sites and parameters were chosen after discussions with local residents.

Sample Sites:

  • AMR090: on Roblar Road approximately ¼ mile west of Canfield Road; just after the creek crosses underneath Roblar Road to the south side of the street.
    Sample is taken from the roadside drainage.


The phosphate levels are higher than the basin plan at levels grater than 0.1mg/L-P. The Dissolved Oxygen is low during the summer and these numbers could be detrimental to the aquatic population.


Data Collection:

  • nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N)

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Flow

  • total phosphorus (PO4-P)

  • Conductivity

  • Turbidity

  • Temperature

  • pH

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