The Fog to Bog Quest

CCWI has partnered with the Atascadero / Green Valley Watershed Council to create a watershed Quest in the backcountry of Ragle Ranch Regional Park. A Quest is an interactive treasure hunt that teaches people about special places. Learn about this seasonal wetland, engage in water quality observations, and have fun while adventuring in this section of the Atascadero / Green Valley watershed.

This Quest begins at the top of Blackberry Trail by the gazebo. Pick up your Quest map there, or print out your own. To get to Ragle Park, from Sebastopol travel North on Highway 116 and turn left at Covert Lane, which ends at the park. There is a $6 parking fee.

Recent Fog to Bog Quest Observations

Name Date Clarity Flow (fps)* Depth
Ingrid S 11/22/2011 Clear 0.6 Intermediate
Lareina E 12/3/2011 Clear 0.2 Low
Ezra & David B 12/17/2011 Clear 0.3 Intermediate
Annaliese H 12/18/2011 Clear 0.3 Low
Olivia T 12/18/2011 Clear 0.3 Low
Rob P 12/18/2011 Clear 0.3 Low
Debbie T 12/31/2011 Clear 0.4 Intermediate
Seanian & Tanner 1/28/2012 Cloudy 0.8 Intermediate

* feet per second; calculated by dividing the width of the bridge (4 feet) by the number of "Atascadero seconds" it took for the leaf to travel that distance (for example, 10 seconds to travel 4 feet = 4 divided 10 = 0.4 feet per second).

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The creation of this Quest was funded in part by an education grant
from Save the Redwoods League. For more information go to SaveTheRedwoods.org/Education.

Save the Redwoods League


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